Teaching 21st Century Life Skills Using the Game of Tennis

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Aryan and Aradhya's Campaign for EduTennis

"In the constantly developing world of today, there is a need for certain skill sets that make us employable and enable us to be self-reliant. These skills range from collaborating with others, effective communication, critical thinking, resilience and adaptability, (an important skill even during the unprecedented situation of Covid-19).
EduTennis is a program that uses tennis as a medium to teach underprivileged kids these skills. This program has the potential to help these government-aided school children to break the cycle of poverty and lead better lives. This is why we support EduTennis and you should too."
- Aryan and Aradhya


About Us

Committed to Enriching the Lives of Youth

At EduTennis, we believe that children and young people are at the very center of the future. Who they are tomorrow is essentially the outcome of how they are raised and nurtured today. Our coaches and curriculum provide an enabling environment where they can fully embrace their identity and gain all the skills they need to navigate their lives and careers tomorrow.

The programme is designed for government and low-income schools and aimed at teaching 21st century life skills using the game of tennis. Using a curriculum developed by expert tennis players and coaches, students will be expected to learn some of the world's most relevant life skills, such as decision-making, problem-solving, creative thinking, lateral thinking, communication, interpersonal skills, empathy, assertiveness, equanimity, resilience and coping with stress. Over a period of time, the programme is expected to increase the employability and confidence of participating students, ultimately contributing to increased resilience against poverty and gender-based discrimination.

The programme is founded by the Amba Dalmia Foundation Trust, New Delhi, which has been running programs to enable marginalised communities to break the cycle of poverty since 2013.


Theory of Change

Children learn tennis and develop essential like skills to realise their full potential

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We have reason to believe that learning tennis leads to better learning outcomes

+ Life Skills

Essential soft skills as identified by WHO

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Learning can be formally gained, or through informal channels. We decided to use the power of the world's largest social network to regularly publish news, views and other relevant informations for our coaches and stakeholders. The page will carry glimpses of our on-ground work, our training programmes, as well as general facts and helpful resources around life skills training. As the programme's engagement deepens, the page will also carry points of view from our key stakeholders -- the children and youth themselves. Like us to make sure you see what we are posting, everyday.

How to Become an Exceptional EduTennis Coach

Coaching isn't a skill set one is born with, it takes a certain set of skills and a lot of experience. Why? Because good coaching means engaging students in a process of self-discovery.
It all starts with self-reflection. What do you bring to the students' learning journey? As you begin coaching, document your experiences in terms of your strengths, your weaknesses and your boundaries. Keep track of the techniques you implement – which ones work and which ones don’t. Reflecting on yourself and your work will help you discover what makes you stand out among other coaches.

Become an EduTennis Trainer of Trainers

Do you have  expertise in trainings, life skills, or coaching and a desire to mentor others? We are on the lookout for senior professionals who can design and deliver short, 2-4 hours long trainings on life skills such as decision making, communications and technical skills such as financial literacy for EduTennis coaches. 

If this interests you, please contact us and we will join the dots between your area of interest and the ongoing training we have in place to create more EduTennis coaches.

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