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Choose a new way of supporting a cause in 2021: Donate your birthday!
Instead of birthday gifts, ask your friends and family to donate to teach 21st century life skills to underpriviledged children using the game of tennis.


Support EduTennis

EduTennis engages a child to learn tennis and life skills in an engaging and fun way. Over time, our expert coaches help children reconfigure their reality to gain the results they want, such as finishing school, completing vocational or other higher studies, become financially independent and plan their lives in a way that is an improvement on the situation they were born into.

If you find this interesting, support EduTennis!

INR 12000 per year covers the full cost of one underprivileged child to be part of the EduTennis coaching program:

  • 40 EduTennis sessions. 

  • Program running costs.

  • One nutrient-packed snack.

  • Tennis equipment including court maintenance.

  • One full set of coach's uniforms including shoes to last an entire year. For us, professionally turned out coaches are quite important as they are the role models for children.

  • Training of one coach for a period of 3 months. These trainings are crucial to create educated and skilled coaches trained to handle children and teach life skills.  

  • Information-education-communication (IEC) materials. 

  • Monitoring and evaluation.



Your gift will build 21st century life skills among marginalised children

At EduTennis, we have changed the way we transact the tennis+life skills training to suit the Covid scenario. We need smartphones and laptops to deliver this hybrid (online+offline version to our participants.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

Dealing with life's challenges is tough…especially if you are a first-generation school-goer from a below-poverty-line family. Things get doubly hard to handle if you are a girl!

How are we solving this problem?

The EduTennis programme brings the best of tennis skills and combines them with must-have life skills, as listed by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The value proposition

For millions of children growing up in poverty and want, our EduTennis program offers an aspirational and valuable learning experience that teaches how to achieve your true potential…regardless of the challenges of your immediate circumstances.

Our trained expert coaches use tennis as a hook to impart life-enhancing skills such as protecting oneself from common pitfalls such as child marriage, dropping out of school and early marriage. 

To donate, simply courier your old smartphone to: Amreesh Bhati, Accounts Manager, c/o Amba Dalmia Foundation Trust, 9, Man Singh Road, New Delhi, Pin-110011, Mobile: +91-7503388161


Your donation is tax-exempt under Section 80G

Name of Bank Account: Amba Dalmia Foundation Trust

Name of Bank: HDFC

Account number: 50200024976819


Address of branch: 36A Khan Market, New Delhi 110003, Delhi


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