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Our Partners

In keeping with SDG 17 - Partnership for Goals - EduTennis works in close collaboration with Corporate Houses, non-profits and Foundations to further the programmatic goals we have set for ourselves.


A legacy dating back to 1925, synonymous with delicious dairy products and combining the feeling of nostalgia with the love for the modern, Keventers is an iconic milkshake brand whose core brand values lies in celebrating the past of making authentic and delicious milkshakes and desserts, while bringing in the flavours of  today to the world. 

Keventers announced its support for EduTennis in 2021. 

Read Together Logo.png

'Read Together' is an Edtech platform by Arshya Gaur, a Delhi-based student who is passionate about learning. It integrates education with technology to provide a creative, unconventional and interactive form of learning.  Additionally, 'Read Together' also has a program through which tablets are provided to children who cannot access online learning. Both its initiatives serve to provide education to everyone, anywhere.

Our Partners: Youth Programs

SG (Sanspareils Greenlands)

SG Logo.jpg

SG is world's largest and most trusted cricket gear manufacturer. The company, established in pre-independent India by two brothers Kedar Nath Anand & Dwarka Nath Anand, was known as ' Greenlands' at that time and specialised in protective gear equipment. Over 9 decades and three generations later, SG has evolved into robust manufacturing company that churns out every item related to the game of cricket.


Xebia Logo.jpeg

An international network of passionate technologists and pioneering craftsmen, Xebia provides the cutting-edge tools, training and consulting services that make businesses work better, smarter, and faster.

The Xebia Group consists of eight specialized, interlinked companies: Xebia, Xebia Academy, StackState, GoDataDriven, Xpirit,, Instruqt and Xccelerated. 

Kaveri Consultants

Kaveri Consultants Logo.png

Led by tennis afficionado and business leader Naresh Vij, Kaveri Consultants specialize in textile and apparels and design development facility. The company is a manufacturing and merchant trade initiative in fashion apparels, textile and accessories.
It also specialises in management consultancy and is a business advisory service in the field of textile and apparels.

Our Partners: Our Programs
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