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Why does the EduTennis program include art?

EduTennis is a children’s educational program that teaches 21st century life skills.

As part of our diverse activities, we include art. We regularly encourage children to express their thoughts and ideas in words and pictures, and the results are a wide variety of creative works – including paintings, posters and banners.

Why does the EduTennis program include art?

For us, art is much more than a pleasant pastime. It connects to one of the program’s keystone life skills, creative thinking, in a fundamental way. Here are the top 3 reasons art features on EduTennis programs:

1. Creative thinking is one among the 16 life skills EduTennis teaches. When such a skill is encouraged using art, children are motivated to give full vision to their ideas, without the constraints of language. This encourages thinking outside the box, or using visualisation – both important skills to have to survive and thrive in the workplaces of the future.

2. Creative thinking, experts avow, is one of the most important cross-marketable skills, which means that it holds relevance across industries. Children who grow up learning creative thinking as a skill are more likely to learn problem solving and take initiative action in the future.

3. Among all the variety of skills that we think of as ‘leadership skills’, creative thinking is one that really sets a person apart. A creative thinker is more likely to come up with ideas that adapt to change and are able to utilise opportunities that the environment offers.

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