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Why is tennis much more than a game?

Since 2019, we have been collecting anecdotal evidence from life-long tennis players about the benefits of playing the game, both on and off the courts. If you are a tennis player and would like to contribute your life experiences of playing tennis, please email us at

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Clinical psychiatrist, Dr Madhav Ghate, reflects on his life-long experience of playing tennis

"Being a psychiatrist, I have a habit of analyzing things. You see, WHY is an extremely important question not just in psychiatry but in medicine in general and to a great extent in life as well. So I started asking myself “Why do I enjoy life’s intricacies, its twists and turns, even its adversities?" or "Why is it that I enjoy trying to find out the solutions to the mental mess that the patients embroil themselves into?"

I gradually realized the role tennis has played in shaping me. It has been a long journey: didn’t happen overnight! But I seem to have learnt a lot of ways of dealing with problems without being stressed out. How did it happen?"

Kritin Thapar.jpg

Kritin Thapar, tennis instructor and a graduate of the Western Illinois University, reflects on his relationship with the game

"These days, we are all faced with so many unforeseen obstacles and challenges that we can only hope we have the tools to face and overcome them. In today's ever-changing world, everyone faces different challenges and I strongly believe that a sport such as tennis can teach us how to keep a positive mindset, a never-give-up mentality and discipline. These are only a few of the many adaptable tools that we can then use to enhance both our personal and professional lives. Personally, playing tennis over the years has also shown me that that it is not only a great sport in maintaining one’s fitness and strength, but it truly teaches one the depths of their inner strength, discipline, and the ability to master one’s emotions."

Why is tennis much more than a game: Our Programs
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